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Employer Benefits

Perform and Compete

Apprenticeships ensure that your workforce has the skills and qualifications needed both now and in the future. Apprentices gain new specialist skills through training, as well as practical, on-the-job techniques in the workplace, so they have the right skills for you.

Apprenticeships are the ideal way to attract talented and enthusiastic young people. They reduce staff turnover and increase employee motivation and performance. Apprentices tend to be flexible, loyal employees who make companies more effective, productive and competitive. Not only can apprentices be trained to fit the job, they can become a valuable part of your workforce that fit with the culture of your organisation.

A new way of delivering Apprenticeships!

Our fresh, unique approach provides a low risk way of enjoying Apprenticeships through innovation and excellence. Retaining all the existing benefits of traditional Apprenticeships we provide additional advantages such as more flexibility, security and opportunity.

Advantages of being a ‘Host Organisation’

Flexible Employment - SWAC Apprenticeships are extremely flexible. We hope that you will be able to provide a SWAC apprentice with the opportunity to complete their Apprenticeship and move to full time employment with you however, if business is slow or things just don’t work out we will work with you and the apprentice to find a new Host Organisation.

Stress Free Recruitment - We do the leg work, you decide who you want. SWAC recruits bright, enthusiastic young people eager to become apprentices. We screen all applicants, conduct assessments to measure potential, and match them to your business and skills needs. We then provide you with a shortlist of suitable candidates to interview and choose from. Once the placement is complete and the apprentice has qualified, you’re free to make them your own employee.

Minimal Risk - If there are any problems, we are here to fix them!  We manage apprentice performance, and provide mentoring and pastoral support to ensure the placement is smooth and successful. Working closely with training providers, SWAC monitors delivery to ensure the Host Organisation gets the service and the apprentice gets the training they expect.

Reducing Costs - SWAC Apprenticeships are good for business. We remove costs associated with payroll and administration and provide numerous additional benefits including incredible flexibility, low risk and little hassle.

Hassle Free - SWAC provides a free initial Health and Safety assessment of the workplace. You don’t have to worry about any payroll or administrative responsibilities, as SWAC employ the apprentice. We keep all paperwork to an absolute minimum, even assisting you with employee induction.

Size is Not Important - We know that every business is different. Together we design flexible programmes to meet the particular demands of your company, whatever your size or type of business.