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About SWAC

South West Apprenticeship Company Ltd (SWAC) brings a fresh approach to Apprenticeships.

We offer a unique and effective service to provide a low risk way of enjoying Apprenticeships.

Through innovation and excellence, SWAC offers additional advantages to ‘traditional Apprenticeships’. Retaining all the existing benefits we provide more flexibility, security and opportunity.

We remove risk by employing the apprentices ourselves. Apprentices are placed with ‘Host Organisations’ for the duration of their Apprenticeship. We identify employers who want apprentices, match them with suitable candidates and organise the delivery of training with colleges or private training providers.

We promote enterprise and opportunity by helping businesses to grow and recruit without risk.

We simplify recruitment, match talent to employment opportunities and look after payroll and the necessary paperwork.  If in the unlikely event that things don’t work out, we will work to find the apprentice a new Host Organisation.

SWAC aims to help 16-24 year olds find Apprenticeships in the South West. Those within this age group are usually eligible to have training paid in full or part by the government. Applicants which fall outside this age bracket can find other Apprenticeship vacancies at www.apprenticeships.org.uk.

SWAC was set up to offer a new additional way to support Apprenticeships across the South West. We are backed by the National Apprenticeship Service and we have extensive expertise and experience of helping business to prosper by enriching people’s skills.

SWAC was one of the first Apprenticeship Training Agencies (ATA) in the UK to be approved by the National Apprenticeships Service and Confederation of Apprenticeship Agencies (CoATA).  The recognition process was launched in April 2012 by NAS and CoATA to add value to the strength of the ATA model by introducing a new ATA Recognition Process and a National Register of Approved ATAs which will maintain a high quality of service and to safeguard the quality of Apprenticeships delivered under the ATA model.