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Case Study

Host Organisation Case Study - Isys Intelligent Systems

Located in Swindon Wiltshire, Isys Group develops a suite of supporting software solutions which provides companies with a complete workforce management system, serving employees right through from employee application and screening to ongoing time & attendance tracking and payroll exports.

Daniel Busson is part of the Managed services team and took over the role of managing the Apprenticeship scheme from July 2012. At that time they had employed 1 apprentice; Daniel wanted to expand the scheme to other areas of the business and as a result brought in more apprentices.

In partnership with the South West Apprenticeship Company (SWAC) they have now taken on over 14 apprentices, each of those that have completed the full Apprenticeship has been offered a full time permanent position within the business.

Daniel decided to work with the South West Apprenticeship Company (SWAC) because the business was going through a high turnover rate within the support team. The idea of employing apprentices had not really crossed their minds until they came across a news article explaining how apprentices could benefit a business. “We felt this would offer us the best solution as it would enable us to bring in young enthusiastic people who want to start their careers. It would also enable us to offer young people in the local area an opportunity they may not have got in the normal job market with little or no experience”


After meeting with SWAC and other Apprenticeship providers the company decided to work with SWAC because “we found that SWAC understood our business needs and offered to guide us through the process as we were new to the Apprenticeship idea. We found them very knowledgeable and they were able to offer us the advice, guidance and support we required”

Isys feel they have been fully supported by SWAC Throughout the years we have always had the support of our Employer Account Manager, Caron on a range of issues. Caron has always been willing to meet with us to discuss any issues and work with us and the apprentice to find the best solution for all parties, this has resulted in schemes such as free lunches for all apprentices and travel arrangements being made to ensure the apprentices can get to/from work. We certainly could not have expanded our successful Apprenticeship program without the help and support from Caron.

Isys have seen many benefits and positive outcomes for the businessby bringing in apprentices “over the years we have had young people that want to be in our business and learn the IT trade which has brought with it fresh enthusiasm within the teams they work in, having apprentices within the business has enabled us to respond to our customers a lot quicker, at the same time this allows the more experienced teams members to focus on other projects safe in the knowledge the day to day tasks can be completed to the same standard by the apprentice”

Daniel is keen to encourage others to take on apprentices I would highly recommend that any business thinks about taking on apprentices, especially small businesses. Recruiting enthusiastic young people from the local area benefits both the business and the local community. We have found the whole experience very rewarding in that we are taking young people who don’t have the experience they need and seeing them grow and mature throughout the Apprenticeship.

“We were nervous about replacing outgoing experienced people with apprentices, we now look back and have no regrets taking this path, we are filled with pride at every apprentice who has come to us and then progressed to become a permanent member of the Isys family”