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Case Study

Host Organisation Case Study - Bideford College

Located in Bideford, North Devon, Bideford College is resourced to meet the demands of providing a first rate education for 1,500 young people between the ages of 11 to 19.  The curriculum is broad and offers opportunities for academic, technical and sporting excellence.

Mel Wainwright is the HR Manager at the College her role involves managing recruitment processes for the College, HR policies and giving proactive advice to management. Mel was involved in the initial recruitment of the apprentices and has had involvement in areas of support since their start date.

Mel decided to work with the South West Apprenticeship Company (SWAC) because of the opportunity to take on cost effective apprentices via our HOSTING model.Not only are the apprentice’s supported but our Clients receive first class account management“We have received excellent support from SWAC, recently we had reason to end an Apprenticeship with a young man at the College, we tried our best to get him to make the improvements required and SWAC played a big part in daily contact with him to provide all the support required to us and the apprentice”

The College are currently hosting 2 apprentices “We currently have two level 3 Administration apprentices who are studying through Petroc, they are progressing well through the course”

Taking on apprentices has seen benefits and positive outcomes for the business “The apprentices have fitted in well and enables extra capacity to other staff members as they take on more tasks in order to add depth to their knowledge.  They are keen to learn and add vibrancy to the team; we are hoping that there will be the opportunity for ongoing employment once they have completed their training"

Bideford College have been delighted with their relationship with SWAC and have the following advice for other businesses thinking of taking on an apprentice I would encourage them to work with SWAC, the communication and support has been impressive and I wouldn’t have any problems with recommending them to others"

Mel has aspirations to continue offering Apprenticeships and working with SWAC  I would like to see a continued working relationship with SWAC, being an educational establishment it makes sense to offer this opportunity to our students”