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Case Study

Apprentice Case Study - Amber Teed-Parsons

Amber is an apprentice at Rosebank Surgery on Stroud Road in Gloucester and has been declared the winner of the Outstanding Apprentice of the year 2015 in Gloucestershire for Financial and Business Services.

Amber started at Rosebank doing a Business Administration Intermediate Apprenticeship and has now progressed onto an Advanced Apprenticeship.

Amber’s role is varied and no day is ever the same “Being able to do different tasks each day means my experience and knowledge has grown massively, making me more effective and more confident. I deal with patients on the phone and in person, register new patients and remove patients as they move out of our practice boundary, I do the post, administer patient details and test results. I am even able to support temp staff by showing them how the systems work and how to carry out tasks – I love being able to share my knowledge and new skills!”

Amber feels that choosing to do an Apprenticeship over sixth form, college or university has been the best decision she has ever madeWhen I first started at Rosebank, I was very shy and quiet with everyone, including the patients. Now I’m not afraid to approach people with problems or questions and feel a lot more confident within myself as a person. The one thing I love more than anything in my job is knowing that my development and experience as an apprentice has a positive effect on our patients.”

Amber has grown in confidence thanks to her Apprenticeship “Since I started the Apprenticeship my life has changed so much. I feel so much happier than the girl that first applied nearly a year ago; motivation hits me every morning. I get excited by learning new things and being able to feel like I’ve achieved something each day. I would never have believed it if someone told me two years ago I would be where I am now and how happy I am, teaching people new things and feeling confident in the work I am doing every day!” 

Amber has seen a real benefit in going down the Apprenticeship route “When I was at school and college, I felt like all the hard work and effort I put in was just shut away in a book and forgotten about, as an apprentice, my hard work benefits others well as me. I would definitely recommend an Apprenticeship to anyone unsure of where to go next; I was that person once and now I’m in a job I love, whilst learning something I never thought I’d get the chance to do and knowing that I have a successful career ahead of me.”

Amber has ambitions for when her current Apprenticeship is completed “I want to one day manage my own team.”

Amber is full of praise for SWACs help to date SWAC has given me the boost I needed to get myself motivated and happy again doing something I love. Their help and hard-work, along with my colleagues support has been great. I know there are more people who need this support and there are more people out there like I was; an Apprenticeship is an amazing journey to take to achieve this”