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Case Study

Wednesday - Day 3 – Applying for Apprenticeships

Because the process of applying for Apprenticeships can be time consuming, be sure you are applying for vacancies that are suited to your skills, experience and interests.
This will mean you can focus your time and energy on creating well-written, thoughtful applications that will catch the eye of potential employers. 
Your application can be just as important as your interview; this is the first impression that the potential employer will have of you.
It is tempting when applying for Apprenticeships to use the same pieces of text for different vacancies. It is often easy to spot when an applicant has copy and pasted text used before.  While completing applications can sometimes be time consuming, we do advise that you try to use new answers each time so that each application is tailored to the specific Apprenticeship that you are applying for. 
To let the employer know that you have spent some time looking into the vacancy, try to make reference to the company’s operations or how your skills, experience or interests make you a good candidate for the Apprenticeship. 
You may be the ideal candidate for the role with the right qualifications and lots of enthusiasm but if your application is let down by being badly written or lacking in information, you could be missing out on a great opportunity. 
To have a look at the Apprenticeship vacancies that we currently have available, follow the link to the SWAC website: http://www.theswac.org.uk/information/vacancies 
Alternatively you can also look at the ‘Find an Apprenticeship’ website where you can also search for Apprenticeship vacancies.  https://www.gov.uk/apply-apprenticeship