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Case Study

Apprentice Case Study - Adam Stuart Harley

Adam Stuart Harley, one of SWAC’s first apprentices is already counting the success of his new placement at Omnitrack, a distributer and manufacturer of ‘ball transfer units’ - components used for machinery in various industries.

“My work placement is going very well, in the short time I have been with the company I have been taught many new things which I thought I would never get the chance to learn.”

Adam found out about SWAC Apprenticeships through his local Connexions office and after successfully getting through the application process he was quickly matched up with Omnitrack who were seeking an office administrator apprentice. Adam’s training takes place with JHP, a private training provider that allows him to complete his qualification ‘remotely’ without the need to travel to receive training for his technical certificate.

Adam also receives support from his SWAC Learner Account Manager who is available to help throughout his Apprenticeship:

“My SWAC Learner Account Manager has been very helpful; she has given me helpful tips regarding interviews and how to get the placement I wanted. While I’ve been at Omnitrack she has also contacted me to make sure everything has been going well.”

Adam’s role has given him direct experience in a range of tasks and responsibilities which will help him to build a future career, including work with databases, deliveries, customer service and other daily business tasks such as invoicing. It was important for Adam to find the right company to an Apprenticeship with.

“When I applied for the vacancy, what attracted me was that Omnitrack stressed the fact that they are a company very much looking to expand with big ambitions for the future. They also emphasised that they have a very friendly, business-minded attitude within the company. These are two things that I was desperate to find in an apprenticeship.”

From what I will learn from this apprenticeship and in the next few years, I hope to one day be an important figure in a business and be in a position where I am able to learn how to run a business.

 I would encourage anyone to use SWAC. In my case they have been very good in getting in contact with the company I was interested in and moving quickly in taking my application to the next level and arranging an interview.

In my opinion, for a young person being an apprentice is ideal. Not only can you get lots of experience from the company you are working for but you get very good training with it, so in a short space of time you are able to achieve and learn a lot.”

The South West Apprenticeship Company (SWAC) offers an opportunity to take up an Apprenticeship with a local company, earning while you learn, and with the support of a SWAC Learner Account Manager.