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Case Study

Apprentice Case Study - Stephen Kay

Stephen, 18, is an engineering Apprentice with Service Aluminium of Gloucester. The company manufacture aluminium extrusion dies, used by a variety of industries including window manufacturing. The company uses manual and CNC machinery to make the different dies and components.

His Apprenticeship enables him to work in a variety of areas, collecting the materials needed for a job, marking out the work and drilling where needed. He is also using the mills and CNC lathe to complete ‘one offs’. Stephen has also worked in the Quality Department and can now appreciate the need to ensure all work pieces are completed to specification and to deadline.

Stephen saw several roles on the SWAC website that he was interested in so he applied on-line and, within weeks of applying, had three interviews lined up.

 “When I attended my interview with Service Aluminium I was given a full tour of the company and introduced to different members of staff. Everyone was very helpful and I could imagine myself working there very quickly.”

“I enjoy every part of this job. I enjoy working with the other engineers and watching how they work, so I can develop my skills. I like to work on the one offs as they are different and I have to think more about what I am doing.”

“I am particularly pleased I have found a job that requires quite a lot of thinking but is still very hands on. This is exactly what I was looking for.  Apprenticeships are a great opportunity to train and get the right qualifications whilst working and earning a wage. You also get used to the workplace and gain additional skills.”

“Going through SWAC was a lot quicker for me and I find that SWAC are very good at managing the apprenticeship process. They also offer extra support if I need it. 

“Eventually, I would like to be working at Service Aluminium as a qualified engineer. I would like to be multi-skilled in the workplace and be of real value to the company. I am hoping to progress onto Higher Education once I complete my apprenticeship and would like to start an HNC/D in the future.”

“I think Apprenticeships are great for individuals and for businesses. I have recommended them to several of my friends and one of them is applying to SWAC at the moment.”

Stephen sees his SWAC Learning Account Manager, Emma Rowles, at work and in College and can email her if he needs anything.

Services Aluminium General Manager Paul Cook said:“Stephen has settled in very well and he has become a useful member of the team. The SWAC route works very well for us because it takes all the risk away from the employer. I would certainly recommend it to other employers