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Case Study

Apprentice Case Study - Liam Aherne - Advanced Engineering Apprentice

Liam Aherne is placed at ABB in Stonehouse and is studying towards a Level 3 in Mechanical Engineering.

Liam had always wanted a career in Engineering when he left school “I chose an Apprenticeship over going straight to university as I felt that in order to excel in the field of engineering I’d need to have an appreciation for all aspects. I felt that rather than just understanding the theory I had to be able to apply it in practical situations.”

“I’ve developed a newfound sense of worth since beginning my Apprenticeship which has given me the confidence to step up in team project situations and give opinions where normally apprentices sit in the background; I’ve been able to give a different perspective on challenges that have arisen.

I’ve developed an appreciation for learning that I never had before, absorbing all the information I can in order to constantly increase my value to the company I am placed with.”

Liam’s work has been focused around the mechanical aspects of engineering: machining, fitting, pipework. Whilst in his placement he has also picked up a large amount of electrical engineering knowledge, including building electrical enclosures, putting the components in, wiring them up to a drawing as well as setting them up and testing they work.

Apprentices at ABB are moved to different sections of the business quarterly, enabling Liam to gain a deeper understanding of the diverse structure of the engineering industry. “My responsibilities and roles have been constantly changing causing me to quickly adapt to new situations.

I’ve been involved in small specialised team projects that have introduced automation, as well as being part of an assembly line giving me a greater appreciation of the many roles within the business.”

Liam has set goals around lead-time reduction and increasing overall efficiency, Liam has been involved, individually and as part of a team in numerous projects. “I’ve been recognised for having the courage to speak up, despite lacking in experience, I constantly ask questions in order to be able to fully appreciate and understand what is happening around me”

Liam has excelled in his Apprenticeship “I’ve strived to enhance the performance of my company and in my short time here feel that I’ve personally made a positive impact”

Liam won the local Grow Gloucestershire Showcase Awards 2014 and was highly commended at the National Apprenticeship Service (NAS) Thames Valley Intermediate Apprenticeship Awards 2014.  Liam hasbeen recognised for his commitment to encourage ambition and enterprise and to inspire future Apprentices.

Liam is keen for others to consider Apprenticeships

I feel I’ve made the right choice in taking my Apprenticeship place over going to University. I’ve enjoyed taking on new challenges, moving around, learning about different sections of the business. I’m now eager to encourage others to work hard and pursue Apprenticeships, knowing how my own Apprenticeship has allowed me to start a long and successful career.”

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