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Case Study

Kelly Lock - Dental Nurse Apprentice

Kelly Lock is an Apprentice Dental Nurse at Wylye Valley Dentistry, a Dental practice in Warminster, Wiltshire. The dental practice specialises in all kinds of dentistry from cosmetic procedures like tooth whitening through to orthodontics for adults and children.

Kelly works as a dental nurse in the practice. Kelly’s main role is to assist the dentist while he works. This includes taking notes during appointments and being trusted to dictate correctly what the dentist has said. In this role, a dental nurse is also required to assist the dentist during treatments, providing moisture control in the mouth and passing instruments and materials, among other things.

Kelly is also on hand to comfort and reassure patients who may be particularly nervous, no matter what age.

Kelly visited a careers advisor just before she was due to leave school who pointed her in the direction of the South West Apprenticeship Company. I was leaving sixth form in just over a month with no idea what to do next; I very quickly found a Dental Nursing Apprenticeship, which interested me. The application process was simple, and didn’t take very long.”

Kelly found the recruitment process very simple I was soon contacted by an account manager, and we had a telephone interview. We arranged a face-to-face interview at a local library. At this meeting, we discussed the framework of the Apprenticeship, and how everything would be set out. The account manager then passed all my details along to a local dental practice in Wiltshire, who then offered me an interview, and afterwards, a job! Everything was so quick.

Kelly was offered the position and was happy to accept.When I first applied for the Apprenticeship in dental nursing, it was never something that I ever really saw myself doing (although I knew I wanted to do nursing to some degree), however, I now know this is a field I will stay in, whether I stay as a dental nurse once qualified or move onto a different job in dentistry”.

Kelly has been working towards a Dental Nurse Level 3 Apprenticeship delivered by Learndirect which is going really well.

Kelly has really enjoyed her Apprenticeship,“All in all the Apprenticeship proved to be an excellent experience for me. It gave me enough freedom to go at a pace that I felt was right, whilst still keeping me on the right track in order to successfully complete the course.”

Kelly would recommend an Apprenticeship to others I personally feel that the Apprenticeship has equipped me with the skills to continue to develop myself in the future. Because of my very positive experience of the Apprenticeship I feel motivated to become involved in not only promoting Apprenticeships but getting more involved in education; not only in educating myself but engaging with others to encourage them to either consider an Apprenticeship or to pass on my experience and skills.

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