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Alice is the Recruitment Resourcing Apprentice at the South West Apprenticeship Company (SWAC) Alice started her apprenticeship with SWAC in June 2016. She is now a key member of staff and is making excellent progress towards her qualification.

Alice’s role includes telephone interviewing new applicants, face to face interviewing as well as marketing vacancies and helping with operations support. When provided with a new vacancy from the Business Development Manager, Alice’s role is to match and contact possible applicants as well as advertising the new vacancy on social media.

Alice explained why she chose the apprenticeship route “As I was getting ready to leave college, I had to decide what my next step would be. Although I had considered University, I really wanted to gain valuable work place experience as well as qualifications, so I looked into Apprenticeships. I also found the support that you get throughout a SWAC apprenticeship very appealing, as I had no work place experience at this point.”

“I found the SWAC website and whilst reading about the company, I found that there was an apprenticeship vacancy within their organisation. I applied through the website, had a telephone interview and then met for a face to face interview, which allowed me to ask any questions that I had and get a better understanding of the role.”

Alice is really enjoying her Apprenticeship “My work placement is going very well. I work within a very supportive and positive team. This role has enabled me to improve my communication skills, as I talk to a range of different people every day, both on the phone and face to face.  I really enjoy that my role can be varied and I get the opportunity to travel to different areas of the South West to meet with applicants. Helping others to start their apprenticeship journey is another part of my role that I really enjoy.”

Alice explained how SWAC have supported her throughout the apprenticeship so far “As I am the apprentice within SWAC, I receive support from all members of staff, including our Learner Account Manager. We regularly have team meetings to discuss the progress of the team which also allows me to discuss anything that I may need more support with.”

Alice is keen to promote apprenticeships and SWAC to others

“An apprenticeship allows you to gain work experience while also being trained and receiving a level of support that ensures you are working at a comfortable pace and gaining genuine, transferable knowledge.”

I would definitely recommend SWAC as the best route to go down, as you will be placed within a host organisation that has a genuine role for an apprentice with real responsibilities. SWAC also ensures that you are happy and enjoying your apprenticeship, as well as provide extra support to ensure you are getting the most out of your apprenticeship experience.”

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