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Colin Day is the Vice President at Himag Planar Magnetics and has the responsibility for their two Engineering apprentices, Kirsty and Evan. Kirsty is completing her Electrical Engineering apprenticeship, and Evan is completing his Mechanical Engineering apprenticeship, both with Gloucestershire College.


Himag Planar Magnetics decided on an apprenticeship because “We found it difficult to recruit Power Electronics engineers so came to a decision to work with SWAC and train our own Apprentices”


Himag Planar Magnetics decided to work with the South West Apprenticeship Company (SWAC) because; “Having been frustrated at trying to fill roles, being able to hand this over to SWAC to complete for us made the process a lot easier for us. As well as this we wanted to recruit and train from scratch and develop the skills and talents of apprentices.”


Benefits and positive outcomes for the business have been seen by Colin by having apprentices “We have two apprentices, Kirsty and Evan who are studying Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. We have been extremely impressed with their progress and how they have developed. We are now looking to progress them both onto higher qualifications to further enhance their skills and knowledge.

Both Kirsty and Evan have bought many benefits to our business, mainly the ease of the workload that we had before them. Due to the skill and level of learning they have bought we are now able to complete all of our drawings in house as well as initial preparation of magnetic designs, which has saved the business a great deal of time.

The level of learning they have both gone through is huge and they are involved in every single design project regardless of size or priority, and this is invaluable for us as a business, as previously a small team having Kirsty and Evan with us has changed the way we operate as a business as they are fully able to support the team.”


Colin would recommend taking on a SWAC Apprentice The right skills in our industry are difficult to find so having the support of SWAC has enabled us to find the right people for the roles we had, who had an impact on our business in a very short space of time. We have been able to train them for our business and teach them the skills that we required and the level of technical contribution from them immediately outweighed the time it would have taken a skilled worker to settle into the business and our way of operating. ”


Colin has got high hopes for Evan and Kirsty in the future, and for apprenticeships in general “We want to continue to develop Evan and Kirsty’s skills as engineers through further academic training and experience internally. We want to support them in becoming the best at what they do. The apprentice route can produce more rounded engineers earlier than the degree option because of real on the job training coupled with the academic training.”

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