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In March as part of National Apprenticeship Week 2018 we visited our Apprentice Amy whilst she was working at the fabulous Humble by Nature farm. Amy is completing her apprenticeship with the Forest of Dean and Wye Valley Tourism Association. This apprenticeship is a shared scheme across the region where Amy is getting the opportunity to work across a number of destinations as part of a shared scheme with four partners – Speech House, Tudor Farmhouse, Puzzlewood and Pedalabikeaway and hosted by The South West Apprenticeship Company. Humble by Nature invited Amy to spend the day on the farm during a very busy lambing season to further her experiences for her apprenticeship. Here is how Amy described her day:

“When I arrived I received a tour of the farm and was given an explanation of how everything worked on a day to day basis. I then greeted the customers who had booked to be on the lambing course and had to sign them in. This was helpful as I got to know names individually and got to find out how far they had travelled and how they found out about the course. When all the guests had left to begin the course, Rachel took me to the office where I helped her create course notes ready for upcoming events at the farm. Once this was finished, I was taken into the lambing shed where I got to hold the lambs and was told all about the way they were kept and about how the venue was used for weddings in the summer. Being able to hold the lambs was definitely my favourite part of the day. After this, we headed into the main building to prepare lunch for the course guests. After lunch, I then had the opportunity to join in on the course and got to see a demonstration on how a lamb is born in the practice room. The whole day was full of a range of things to do and experiences I’ve never had before and will certainly never forget! This was an amazing opportunity for me and I really think that more apprenticeships like this should exist as not only do I now have a clearer understanding of how Humble by Nature operate on a day to day basis, but I can use this knowledge to then talk about the business as a tourist attraction for people visiting the region.”

Rachael at Humble by Nature had this to say about Amy and her apprenticeship:

“It was great to be able to support the Forest of Dean and Wye Valley tourism apprenticeship and give Amy the opportunity to see how our business works. As an employer, it’s great to see apprentices learning essential ‘real-life’ skills and getting such a broad depth of work experience.”

Check out some more of the pictures from the day below. And if you want any support in looking for an apprenticeship you can use our support tools here on our website or contact us.

You can also find out more about Humble by Nature here  https://www.humblebynature.com

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