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We are so excited to announce our SWAC Apprentice of the Year 2018…..



PLOT TWIST – It was a very difficult decision to make as we have a lot of deserving winners in 2018 from all of our amazing apprentices and some incredible examples of work being done and contributions made. We couldn’t pick just 1 Apprentice and so we have decided to have 2 joint winners!



A huge congratulations to Emily Edwards and Luke Damagnez as our joint Apprentice of the Year 2018!




Both apprentices have shown such strong positive attitudes towards their apprenticeships and really have made an impact in the businesses that they have joined. Both really love what they do and will without a doubt have the confidence to do incredibly well with their chosen careers.





SWAC would like to thank Carter Schwartz and the Finance Roome in taking such a positive step in recruiting and providing these bright young sparks with two amazing learning opportunities.



You can read more about some of our amazing apprentices who have won Apprentice of the Month throughout 2018 by clicking HERE. Congratulations to you all for everything you have worked hard for and achieved throughout 2018! we look forward to catching up with you all in the New Year and hearing more success stories.



Merry Christmas!

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