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It is the time of year where many exams will be starting across the country, we want to share one message and that is don’t panic and be prepared!

It is very easy with the exams just around the corner to start to worry that you may not have done enough revision or even any at all! It is key that whatever amount of revision you have done or not done in some cases, the exams are here now and you can only do your best! You have been in the lessons, you have done the revision now you need to prepare for the exams themselves and we have pulled together a few tips to help you to prepare for exam day:


Get a good nights sleep

Sleep seems an obvious one but lack of sleep will reduce your focus and can actually cause more stress! The NHS advise we should aim for 8 hours, so for a few weeks at least try to put those tablets and phones down a good hour before you go to sleep and that will just ensure you get good quality sleep too!

Practicing mindfulness before going to bed and throughout the day can also help to clear your mind and here is a link to some exercises to get you started: Mindfulness


Eat well

We know how easy it is when you are fitting in some last minute revision to forget about you are what yeating, but diet is just as important as sleep to keep you focused and alert during the exams. Ensure you have balanced meals full of vitamins and minerals and those 5 a day are more important than ever! Click here for some easy ways to get your 5 a day.


Take some time out

Give yourself a break! You have worked really hard through school / college / university to get to this stage so take some time out from the revision and the preparation for your exams, it is just as important to give yourself time to reset for the next exam. Exercise is another big factor in keeping you alert, so plan some time during the exams to get out for a nice walk or even a run and give your brain that chance to reset.


Have a positive mindset

Walk into those exams with your head held high! Be positive and confident. Dont look around at others or think too much about what they say before or even after the exam as this will not be a true reflection of how you have done. Take your time to read through the questions and remember that you have done the best that you can do.


Some stress is okay

Believe it or not a little stress is ok! it will help to motivate you and to focus on what it is you want to say and push you through the exam… so if you are feeling nervous it is not a bad thing … use it to your advantage!

Remember during the exam if your nerves are getting the better of you, take a deep breath and refocus on the question or move on and go back to it at the end.



Share your concerns with your family, friends and teachers! if you are really concerned with how an exam went they will have a different perspective to you and will be able to help put your mind at rest.


What if it goes wrong?

You may come out of an exam and feel as though it all went wrong and you did not answer enough or said too much and this is very normal ….it is very likely that you have not done anything wrong and remember that you have done your best! When result day comes there are lots of options for you whatever your results are.



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