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Have you started working from home but not done this before?


It can at first seem a little strange and also really difficult to know where to start and most importantly get motivated. We thought we would share some best practice tips about working form home from our Director and Business Development Manager who have 30+ years experience between them of working from home (typing that bit made us feel old!!)


  • Get yourself into a routine – Follow your normal everyday leaving the house routine, aim for the same time and even get dressed for work – We know that sounds daft but honestly it does help!
  • Set up your ‘office’ – find an area that you can allocate as your work space and at the end of each day, if it is possible clear your area so that you are ready to set up again for the next day. I use my kitchen table as I don’t have by own office in the house – so at the end of each day I make sure that clear away so that I am not looking at work all evening and at the weekend it all gets taken upstairs so there is no temptation to look at emails
  • Break your day up – plan the day so that you allocates tasks throughout the day to keep you busy. Remember there are not as many distractions at home like in the office so it can be that you speed through all your work in the morning so a well planned day will help!
  • Don’t be hard on yourself if it feels like you are not busy – As mentioned in the point above there are no where near as many distractions as there can be in the office, you don’t have that catch up at the kettle or water cooler so the day will seem quieter.
  • Take breaks! – This is so important to include in your plan for the day – we have put an example below of how to break the day up
  • Communication – Set up regular catch ups with your manager and your colleagues … We are using ZOOM to keep in touch with each other daily and there are lots of options around video conferencing.
  • Have the radio on! This may not be your normal office routine but it does help to provide some welcome background noise
  • If there are other people working from home in your house too, ensure you give each other the space needed to work but take your breaks together after all these are your office colleagues for a while!


This is just an example of how you could plan out the day:


8am – 8:30am – Get ready! Get dressed for work and set up your office area


9am – 10am – Plan a catch up with colleagues and get instruction from your line manager for the day


10am  – 10.15am  – Have a break – make a cuppa


10:15am – 12noon – Work time – Schedule a 5 minute break each hour – This is really important to give yourself a break to re focus


12noon – 1pm – Lunch – If it is possible take a walk, even if it just is in your own garden


1pm – 3:30pm – Work time – Schedule a 5 minute break each hour – This is really important to give yourself a break to re focus


3:30pm – 4pm – Catch up with manager / colleagues


4pm – 5pm – Work time – Schedule a 5 minute break each hour – This is really important to give yourself a break to re focus


SWAC are still here and if you have any questions or concerns at all please do not hesitate to contact us. If you are one of our apprentices we will be in regular contact with you to check in and be a part of your routine too.

Most importantly, take care and stay home!

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