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In October this year we sent Shelley and Sally off down into Bristol to meet with Abbie at Reflections Business Development Training. Abbie had got in touch with us and wanted to meet up and find out more about SWAC and update us on the latest business development training available with Reflections. We are always happy to oblige (we do love to bang on about SWAC!!)…and we love a trip into the city centre!


We are not afraid to admit it, we thought Reflections and thought Hair! As we have recently worked with reflections to deliver the training for one of our apprentices Alex based at Betties and Baldwin’s in central Bristol. Alex loved her training and flew through her course and passed with flying colours.

Abbie gave us a tour of the fantastic offices at Reflections with some great facilities right in the centre of Bristol, and as we found out hairdressing is just a small part of what is on offer. Reflections offer a suite of Business Development Training for existing and new employees of any business who are looking to up skill in their areas of expertise.

We were really impressed by the process that has gone into getting the delivery plans in place for all of the qualifications. Reflections offer a modular training plan so once a member of staff is signed up to a qualification they have a very clear learning journey made up from a number of workshops that they will attend throughout out the training whether the course is Leadership and management or customer service there is a very clear programme. The workshops allow for the 20% of the job training to be accounted for and also a training environment where people can ask questions, share ideas and concerns and also ensure they are prepared for the end point assessment when the time comes.

Computer Suite RBDT 2018

The courses on offer are the new standards and the feedback from those who have completed the course is incredible, 100% said that they would recommend Reflections and 100% rated the training good or outstanding!

If you have current staff who you would like to upskill or are looking to recruit and you would like to find out more about the Business Administration courses and other apprenticeships that are on offer with Reflections then please do get in touch with us and we would be more than happy to introduce you to the team. And we are sure they will be happy to provide you with a tour and some biscuits too!

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