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Today, Thursday 7th February is Time to Talk day. A day to encourage conversations around mental health. In the SWAC office we decided to talk about the things that have made a small difference to us. The little things that have made us feel better or reassured us on a bad day.

It’s the small things that show someone cares – a cup of tea waiting for you when you come in the door, your favourite programme scheduled to record because they know you’ll be late in, tickets to a show to see someone you know they aren’t keen on because you really like them!



Here is what the SWAC team had to say…


“Sometimes, something as simple as a friend sharing a memory with me on facebook cheers me up if I am having a rubbish day. Remembering something funny or exciting evokes a smile, or an OMG we did that?!”


“When my son was born premature, instead of going home with my new baby we both had to stay in the hospital, he was in SCBU in an incubator and I was on the ward surrounded by new mums and their bundles of joy. I was not allowed to touch or hold him that first night and he had tubes everywhere. Whilst I was on the ward the midwife came up to see me and gave me a photo of my bundle, minus the tubes so I had something to hold that first night after my partner had left. It could have been normally procedure but that small act of kindness from the midwife and/or the hospital helped me so much.”


“I have been attending a bootcamp for the last 8 months and all the ladies are so supportive. I have never been a fan of exercise and was so nervous about going when I first started but all of their constant encouragement and compliments when they know I have achieved something new and pushed myself have helped every step of the way and keep me motivated to go back and work harder every week!”


“After going through struggles with friends, coming into work and having a chocolate bar waiting on my desk for me instantly brightened up my day! Something as simple as someone remembering what your favourite chocolate can uplift your mood and give you a bundle of positivity!”


As a team we will continue to talk and support each other, offering that much needed reassurance on those days that are more difficult.

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