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The theme of this years National Apprenticeship Week is #LookBeyond With this is mind we wanted to visit some of our past apprentices, those who have now completed their apprenticeship and are in the next stages of their career. Sharing these amazing stories we hope will help those thinking about an apprenticeship can see that there is nothing at all to be worried about and it is a fantastic opportunity to begin those first steps in any career.


We thought it was very important to speak to our past Apprentice Alice, and get her thoughts on her own experience of being an apprentice.


How did you feel on your very first day of your apprenticeship compared to your last day of your apprenticeship/this stage of your apprenticeships?

“On my very first day of my apprenticeship I was very nervous and was about an hour early! I asked my line manager and colleagues about 100 questions a day as I was so nervous to do anything wrong! Since completing my apprenticeship, I’m still always very early(!) but I feel a lot more confident within my role and my ability to complete tasks and answer queries from my own knowledge and experience. I feel that my apprenticeship qualification gave me the theoretical knowledge and expertise, while working with my colleagues gave me work place confidence.”


How do you think your apprenticeship has benefited your current job role?

“Completing my apprenticeship has hugely benefited my job role as not only did I learn the legislation aspects of recruitment to ensure I was showing best practice in ever area of my job role, it has given me the opportunity to use my own experience as an apprentice, to help those looking for an apprenticeship manage their expectations and set goals by using my own past experiences which I then feel, helps SWAC as a business, as well as our host organisations to get the best quality candidates as the apprentice knows exactly what life is like as an Apprentice and what the expectations are, as well as the amazing benefits!”


Do you think your apprenticeship has had an impact on your personal life, as well as your professional life? If so, how?

“I definitely think that my apprenticeship has had an impact on my personal life as, due to the nature of my role, I communicate with a variety of people every day including applicants, clients and parents. This has definitely improved my communication skills and means I now even make my own doctors and dentist appointment – something which I would have never done a couple of years ago!”


What do you think has been the most interesting/rewarding part of your apprenticeship and why?

“The most rewarding part of my apprenticeship was definitely helping others secure their dream apprenticeship, while also completing mine! I enjoyed being able to talk people through my apprenticeship experience and it was like we were going through it together.”


What is your plan for the future?

“After completing my apprenticeship, I started to help our Operations Manager with HR tasks as I thought it was a great opportunity to have responsibilities within both recruitment and HR. I have been continuing to do so and am hoping to progress even further within a HR role.”


Our Director and Operations Manager had the following to say about Alice…


“From the moment we interviewed Alice we knew she was the one for us! At interview she demonstrated her ability to plan and organise her workload and had such a positive attitude to learning new skills and was clearly passionate about supporting others.  To begin with Alice was quite reserved, until she found her feet and then her voice within our small the team!  Alice was an outstanding apprentice, always looking for ways to improve our processes or look at how we engaged with potential apprentice applicants. Since completing her training she has taken lead on the whole recruitment process and also now runs our social media campaigns – organising the team to collect case studies, photos, news stories and anything to celebrate apprenticeships.  For the past 3 years she has run our National Apprenticeship Week campaigns and this year she wanted to look at past apprentices and where they are now!  Alice our star!”      Clare Vertigen – Director

“It’s been so rewarding to watch Alice go from someone who didn’t want to answer the telephone when she first came to us to someone who now contributes to the running of the business. Alice contributes logically in meetings and is always  striving to ensure she performs her role effectively ensuring she adheres to processes and procedures, she doesn’t hold back if she sees a better way to do things though!  Although she is the youngest member of the team, she is very much a key part of it and she continues to grow in confidence and ability, developing her skills and knowledge in the workplace. She is also highly adaptable and continues to makes a major contribution to the business.

I don’t know what I’d do without my right hand girl now!”     Shelley Mills – Operations Manager



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