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Employer Support

The South West Apprenticeship Company (SWAC) is an Apprenticeship Training Agency (ATA) supporting employers of all sizes across all sectors in the South West region to recruit and employ apprentices offering specialist Apprentice HR advice and support.

Our delivery model is designed around improving the Apprenticeship experience for both you and the apprentice through dedicated support and guidance for both parties. We act as an impartial mediator between all involved in the Apprenticeship experience; the apprentice, you (the host) and the training provider; ensuring that any issues that may arise during the Apprenticeship programme are resolved quickly and to your satisfaction.

We offer 3 packages, all designed to take the hassle out of the process of recruiting an apprentice.

The Hosting Model

This is our most popular service and we have successfully matched and placed over 600 apprentices this way.

The reason this service appeals to employers is that it simplifies the recruitment process, removes risk, we manage the whole process and it does not add to your head count and increase your payroll. We identify the most appropriate framework for the skills required and once the job description is agreed we advertise on the Find an Apprenticeship website and on our website as well as other appropriate job boards and with direct marketing on social media.

All applicants are screened to determine their suitability for the role and their eligibility for funding. Successful applicants are interviewed by SWAC (suitability interview by phone and then face-to-face) and shortlisted for you to interview and select your ideal candidate.

SWAC employs the apprentice on your behalf and pays them weekly through our apprentice payroll system. We deal with all the apprentices HR, performance reviews and ensure you have all your Health and Safety checks in place. By employing the apprentice directly and placing them with you, we remove this burden from you.

We invoice you every 4 weeks and collect in advance by direct debit fortnightly, reconciling any sickness and overtime at the end of the invoice period.

Our service gives you the freedom to evaluate your apprentice’s progress during their suitability period and you are able to assess your apprentice and feedback to SWAC if you would like a different apprentice to be placed with you. Once the apprentice has completed their training it is your choice whether you would like to employ them direct or not.

You and your apprentice have a dedicated Learner Account Manager who will offer you support personalised to your individual needs and will encourage and mentor your apprentice to help them

The Recruitment Model

Alternatively, you could opt to employ your apprentice direct and we will provide the full recruitment service but we don’t employ the apprentice and run the payroll:

  • Writing the Job Description and Job Specification
  • Sourcing and matching your Job to suitable Apprenticeship Frameworks or Standards and training providers
  • Recruitment, screening and testing
  • Full interviewing and placement matching service

The Apprentice Support Model

The final option is normally tagged onto the Recruitment Model for those hosts that value the extra support we offer but want to employ their apprentice direct. We continue to support you and your apprentice throughout the framework focussing on their development and helping you to manage their performance:

  • Support, advice and pastoral support
  • Trouble-shooting and performance management
  • Per-placement apprentice induction

If you employ a 16-18 year old apprentice or a 19-24 year old care leavers, or 19-24 year olds with an education and health plan you will receive £1,000 incentive from the government.

Our Training Provider Partnerships

We ensure that all Apprentices receive quality training with the very best training providers. We are in a unique position because we are not linked with any one training provider. We are truly impartial, we do not deliver apprenticeship training in-house, nor do we hold a direct Education and Skills Funding Agency Contract.

This means that we are able to select the right provider for your needs, bringing in the right training providers for your business, ensuring that only quality providers are supporting your Apprentices journey.

We have partnership relationships with Training Providers throughout the South West who hold Grade 3+ OFSTED accreditation, each of whom have signed and committed to working within the parameters of our Training Provider Arrangement. This sets out our expectations of the partnership, compliance with the Education and Skills Funding Agency standards and health and safety guidelines for young people

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